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Financial Strategy

Financial Strategy

Financial management and LTV ratio control with emphasis on stability and soundness

XYMAX REIT shall execute a financial strategy that places emphasis on stability and soundness in pursuit of (i) stable inflow of revenues on a medium to long-term basis, (ii) steady AUM growth, and (iii) securing flexibility in finance activities.

Debt financing XYMAX REIT will give sufficient consideration to the balance of debt instruments i.e., the balance between long- and short-term borrowings and between fixed and floating interest rates, as well as the diversification of maturities. At the same time, XYMAX REIT will work to diversify the sources of debt financing through issuance of bonds depending on the future market conditions.
LTV ratio level XYMAX REIT shall manage with an LTV ratio level of approximately 60% as the upper limit in principle. In practice, however, XYMAX REIT will basically keep it at a more conservative level in order to ensure financial flexibility for property acquisitions using various debt instruments.
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Same-boat investment in XYMAX REIT by XYMAX Corporation

Maximization of the unitholder value of XYMAX REIT will be aimed by aligning the interests of XYMAX REIT unitholders and the interests of XYMAX.

Decision-making flow chart

Decision-making flow chart

(Note) “CO” refers to Compliance Officer.
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