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Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

XYMAX REIT has office, retail and hotel properties positioned as Main Assets and set as investment targets upon assessment of each property’s cash flow stability and real estate value by utilizing the real estate management insights and know-how accumulated over the years by the XYMAX Group, and thereby realizes the securing of steady growth and stable revenue of assets under management over the medium- to long-term with the aim of maximizing unitholder value.

Investment Strategy

Main AssetsMain Assets:80%or more(acquisition price basis)(Note)

  • Office
    Select with focus on properties that can provide a stable inflow of rent revenues on a long-term basisOffice Investment Strategy
  • Retail
    Select with focus on properties marked by business sustainabilityRetail Investment Strategy
  • Hotel
    Select with focus on properties located in areas that can take advantage of the surge of inbound tourists as well as business usersHotel Investment Strategy

Other AssetsOther Assets:20%or less(acquisition price basis)(Note)

Selective investment in properties that securing of stable revenue over the medium to long term is deemed feasible by utilizing property disposition information based on past transaction brokerage and investment track record, leasing information based on real estate management track record and management/operational insights and know-how of the XYMAX Group for also assets other than Main Assets

(Note) The investment ratio of portfolio may temporarily exceed or fall below the percentage figure shown above in the process of asset acquisition, etc.
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