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OF-04XYMAX Kamiyacho Building

  • Office
  • Tokyo central 8 wards
  • XYMAX Kamiyacho Building1
  • XYMAX Kamiyacho Building2
  • XYMAX Kamiyacho Building3
Acquisition price  880 million yen
Appraisal value  1,190 million yen
Asset type  Office
Structure/Number of Floors  Steel-construction with flat roof 8F
Location  5-12-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Land area  228.83 
Total floor area  1,356.51 
Completion date  April 30, 1991

Property Features

The property is located in a well-known office district near Toranomon, Roppongi and Kasumigaski, where it experiences steady demand from tenants who do not require large floor area, including consulting firms and professions (note) whose clients are tenants of large-scale buildings. XYMAX REIT believes that decline in vacancy rates of small- and mid-sized buildings as well as increase in rents can be expected in the area partly due to demolition of office buildings for redevelopment.
(Note) Professions is the collective term for occupations which professional licenses are required, such as attorneys at law, judicial scriveners, land and house investigators, tax accountants, patent attorneys and certified public accountants.

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