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OF-05XYMAX Higashi-Azabu Building

  • Office
  • Tokyo central 8 wards
  • XYMAX Higashi-Azabu Building1
  • XYMAX Higashi-Azabu Building2
  • XYMAX Higashi-Azabu Building3
  • XYMAX Higashi-Azabu Building4
Acquisition price  1,550 million yen
Appraisal value  2,160 million yen
Asset type  Office
Structure/Number of Floors  Steel-framed reinforced concrete structure with flat roof B1F/9F
Location  1-5-2 Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Land area  365.05 
Total floor area  2,570.13 
Completion date  November 30, 1999

Property Features

The property resides in an area where several foreign embassies, high-end housing are located. In addition, there is a shopping street with an old-era atmosphere, making the area convenient in terms of both access and living. From these two aspects, XYMAX REIT believes that the area is expected to have demand from professions related to the embassies and needs from small- and mid-sized companies to place headquarters or branch offices as well as demand from various studios, affiliated video production companies and other related companies due to the fact that broadcasting stations and Tokyo Tower are located in the surrounding area.

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