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OF-07XYMAX Hachioji Building

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  • Tokyo economic area
  • XYMAX Hachioji Building1
  • XYMAX Hachioji Building2
  • XYMAX Hachioji Building3
  • XYMAX Hachioji Building4
Acquisition price  2,600 million yen
Appraisal value  3,590 million yen
Asset type  Office
Structure/Number of Floors  Steel-framed reinforced concrete/ Steel-construction with flat roof B1F/9F
Location  25-6 Yokoyamacho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
Land area  1,220.58 
Total floor area  7,404.81 
Completion date  January 26, 1993

Property Features

The property is in an area located at the westernmost point of the Tama region where there is a concentration of retail businesses and demand to establish business bases that cover surrounding regions is gravitating. There is significant demand from financial institutions, manufacturers, etc. to place sales bases as well as from tenants providing services to local residents. XYMAX REIT believes the area to be a stable lease market backed by specialized needs.

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