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RT-02Life Kawasaki Miyuki Store

  • Retail
  • Tokyo economic area
  • Life Kawasaki Miyuki Store1
  • Life Kawasaki Miyuki Store2
Acquisition price  790 million yen
Appraisal value  975 million yen
Asset type  Retail
Structure/Number of Floors  Steel-construction with flat roof 2F
Location  4-93 Komukai-nishimachi, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Land area  1,879.15 
Total floor area  2,596.80 
Completion date  January 13, 1997

Property Features

The property is located in a trade zone surrounded by the Fuchu-Kaido and Daini-Keihin roads as well as Tamagawa River, and as the property is a retail facility targeting residents of the trade zone, the number of competing stores is limited. Furthermore, the rent for the current tenant is believed to be of a relatively low rent-burden ratio. XYMAX REIT believes that stable management of the property is possible from both aspects of continuous occupancy by tenants and tenant replacement due to an abundant population in the trade zone.

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