XYMAX REIT Investment Corporation


Basic Principles

is a listed Japanese real estate investment trust (J-REIT) of the XYMAX Group,
one of the leading companies in real estate management industry (Note 1).

utilizes the real estate management strengths of the XYMAX Group
to conduct appropriate portfolio management
and thereby maximize the value of real estate
with the aim of maximizing unitholder value.

The XYMAX Group boasts one of Japan’s most prominent track records in real estate management, such as Japan’s No. 1 property management track record for 6 consecutive years since 2010 (Note 2) and has been supporting the real estate investment—including J-REIT—market from the aspects of real estate management—the XYMAX Group’s core business—to date.
XYMAX REIT believes that real estate management strengths are essential for generating stable revenue over the medium to long term in real estate investment, which is generally said to be middle risk and middle return.

(Note 1) “Real estate management” collectively refers to property management, comprehensive building maintenance services, and also the combination of property management and comprehensive building maintenance services (including cases that sublease contracts bring such management service contracts). “Comprehensive real estate management” collectively refers to not only real estate management but also facility management, asset management and construction management services. The same shall apply hereinafter. “Construction management” refers to the management of construction projects for repair and maintenance work or large-scale renovation work on buildings by coordinating the parties involved, such as owners, architects, contractors and tenants, from a third-party standpoint as entrusted by the owner.
“Leading companies” refers to companies or corporate groups that actually have the track record and scope of operations commensurate with a presence to lead a certain business or field from a comprehensive perspective of business size, workforce, area coverage, operational track record, etc. Given the XYMAX Group’s positioning as one of the top entities in Japan in light of a track record in real estate management, number of property managers, etc. and the XYMAX Group being in a position with actual track record and scope of operations to lead the real estate management industry, XYMAX REIT believes that the XYMAX Group can be said to be one of the leading companies in the real estate management industry.
(Note 2) According to each November issue of the monthly magazine “Property Management” from 2010 to 2015, the XYMAX Group was ranked No. 1 in the ranking of top companies in terms of floor area under management for 6 consecutive years since 2010. However, please note that in the 2015 survey, the XYMAX Group was the only one among the surveyed companies that responded based on the total floor area under management for not only property management (including also the floor area under management other than property management, such as building maintenance; therefore, the 2015 comparison was made based on the XYMAX group with property management and other management services and others with property management only).
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